Opposite Side Of The World

“Opposite Side Of The World” is from EP Two.


I never left Chicago
Even though it was cold
Ravenswood summers are worth their weight in gold

I kept writing
Got a few things in the Reader
Moved back in Victoria because the rent was cheaper

Wasted all my precious time
On useless things
Like company contributions and overpriced degrees

I never left Phoenix
Even though it was hot
August monsoons, dancing in the raindrops

I never quit the band
Always thought we could be more
Opened up for The Jealous Sound on the Kill Them With Kindness tour

She didn’t stick around
She had travel plans
Heard she spent a few years with the boy from the island

It turns out I didn’t turn out like many of my friends
It turns out I still I live vicariously through them
Thanks be, I moved east with this girl
Or she’d be on the opposite side of the world