We Fall Off The Earth (Vairagya)

“We Fall Off The Earth (Vairagya)” is From Destroy It Up’s Sutra.


I gotta mow the lawn, I gotta pay the rent
I didn’t hit my numbers at last month’s end
Gotta call yesterday from a long lost friend
The laughs, the memories, the traumas, they blend

Thinking ‘bout my dad and when he’s gonna drink
Thinking ‘bout the dishes piling up in the sink
Thinking ‘bout the girl who left Brooklyn
Thinking ‘bout the wars we ain’t ever gonna win

We fall off the earth but we have to come back
Moving like a train running outta track
Try your very best not to react
We fall off the earth but we have to come back

Working hard for my kid’s custody
Trying to lose weight, trying to gain sleep
I crawl to the alter, I sit back upon my knees
I bow to all that connects you to me

Oh, what is it worth? The practice is gold.
Oh, what is it worth? Priceless, I’m told.

Yoga Sutra In Sanskrit:

1.12 abhyasa vairagya abhyam tan-nirodahah

English Translation:

The vacillating waves of perceptions are stilled through consistent earnest practice and non-reaction. [Mukunda Stiles/Chip Hartranft]


In the second sutra, we learn that yoga is defined as the “calming of the fluctuations of the mind.” How do we do calm the fluctuations of the mind? Patanjali tells us we can achieve it through spiritual practice and non-reaction. This song is an ode to all the things that distract us, that beg for our reaction, as well as a reminder to move back to the center through practice.

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