Chasing It (Brahmacharya)

“Chasing It (Brahmacharya)” is From Destroy It Up’s Sutra.


I wake up tired everyday
Brush my teeth, put on my shoes
What’s a poor boy to do?
But keep crawling after you
You keep crawling further away

The game it takes my energy
The clothes she wears, the way the walks
Oh my lord, if these walls could talk
They keep my head like as spinning top
I try to sleep, I’m at a loss
All I can do is pray it stops

I keep chasing it…it’s all I can do
We keep chasing it…it’ll never do

We were all raised this way
Climb the ladder rung by rung, drop like flies, one by one
I could never find the middle road
The push and pull is a heavy load

I think I’ll let it come to me
Like the cycles of the moon

Yoga Sutra In Sanskrit:

2.38 brahma-carya pratisthayam virya labhah

English Translation:

By abiding in behavior the respects the Divine as omnipresent, one acquires an inspired passion for life. OR The chaste acquire vitality. [Chip Hartranft/Mukunda Stiles]


Brahmacharya is one of the yamas in the Yoga Sutra, or ethical guidelines. It often gets translated as celibacy, but the deeper lesson of the Brahmacharya, and the yamas in general, is the idea behind properly using our energy for the pursuit of awakening. The main character in this song is learning how much energy he is wasting, as he chases many different things.

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