Isvara (Divine Mirror)

“Isvara (Divine Mirror)” is From Destroy It Up’s Sutra.


There’s no one in the clouds looking down at you
No man in the sky telling you what to do
I don’t think you should be scarred

There’s always been a buzz in your heart so deep
A rattle in the center of all of your sheaths
Telling you, you should care

Look in the mirror. Do you see yourself, a divine reflection or something else?

You’re like a firefly trying to shine
You stare at the stars, claim the divine
That’s half the story don’t you see?

There’s a constellation in your body,
a map of the soul, a guide to be free,
an indestructible energy.

I see all the diamond cuts
The lights move down and then bounce up
The beam is never absolute

All we know is this: is I am it and you are it
and mono is two and one is dual.

Yoga Sutra In Sanskrit:

1.23 isvara pranidhanat va

English Translation:

Realization may also come if one is oriented toward the ideal of pure awareness, isvara. [Chip Hartranft]


In the Yoga Sutra, emphasis is put on the concept of Isvara and that the yoga student should always be oriented towards it. Some have translated Isvara as “God” or “Lord”; however, Chip Hartanft talks about Isvara not in the western terms of god-head, but as being a “divine mirror.” Isvara is the inherent divine we see in ourselves and we must work to be aligned with it.

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