Raga Dvesha

“Raga Dvesha” is From Destroy It Up’s Sutra.


Born under a good sign
Jupiter in my twelfth house
Paid my dues in a past life
No karma police on the stake out

Good head on my shoulders
Married young in true love
Stand tall in big waves
They never break too much

I still waiting for the other shoe to drop
for my good luck charms to one day stop
as I fall on my knees
shout at heaven, “please!”
thinking, “how will I ever go on?”

I’m still waiting for the tightrope to break
for my next step to be my mistake
can a fall from grace
be my twist of fate?
thinking, “how will I ever go on?”

Time spent on the good side
Top down in a car ride
Goddamn how the stars shine
This new moon is all mine

Went to dinner last night
Held my hand said, “it’s alright”
Guess it’s not that clear
I’m hanging on by a thread, dear.

Yoga Sutra In Sanskrit:

2.7 sukha anusayi ragah
2.8 duhkha anusayi dvesah

English Translation:

Attachment is the dwelling upon pleasure.
Aversion is the dwelling upon pain.
[Mukunda Stiles]


The third and forth kleshas, or reasons we suffer, are our attachment to pleasure, raga, and our aversion to pain, dvesha. The main character of this song is always experiencing one or the other, never moving to the center of these two states.

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