Seeds (Sabijah)

“Seeds (Sabijah)” is From Destroy It Up’s Sutra.


This enlightenment, I can’t attain it
Your rock ’n’ roll, I can’t sustain it
The seeds they grow, I can’t contain them
The thoughts I have, I can’t explain them

There may be truth in the chaos
But you can’t find your true self if you’re always lost
The weeks they go by, we cycle through
We must change, just like the moon

I used to wander these city streets
Looking for a crowded bar I could have a drink
Now I gaze up at the trees
Looking for a quiet place I can breath

I watch my kids play in the yard
They run through the sprinkler, they chase the dog
I’m scared for their future, I must admit
But I’ll surrender to all of it

Yoga Sutra In Sanskrit:

1.46 ta eva sabija samadhih

English Translation:

These four kinds of coalesced contemplation — with thought, beyond thought, reflective, reflection-free–are called integration that bears seeds of latent impressions. [Chip Hartranft]


Patanjali tells us that as we still the mind, even to the point of samadhi (or awakening), still there remains impressions on the mind, which may cause suffering. As I’ve never achieved a samadhi state, this song is about the everyday seeds of the mind, as well as a feeling of frustration — that samadhi, let alone a seedless samadhi, feels very unattainable.

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