Temperature Rising (Kriya)

“Temperature Rising (Kriya)” is From Destroy It Up’s Sutra.


I would sit on a mountain top, but I’d be there all alone
I’d jump out the window, if you made me CEO

I stand on the river side and I laugh as it all rolls by
I don’t jump in, I just dip my toes, and I can feel the heat inside me grow

I can feel the temperature rising, I can feel it meeting me in my core
I’m gonna spend some time on the good side tonight
I’m gonna surrender here on the floor

I can see the line on the horizon, I align isvara with my soul
The thoughts start to swirl, but I touch the world
And I know I won’t suffer no more

I wish you good fortune, I wish you good health
Why you looking for your selfie, when you should be trying to find your self?

Yoga Sutra In Sanskrit:

2.1 tapah svadhyaya Isvara-pranidhanani kriya yoga

English Translation:

Yogic action has three components — discipline, self-study, and orientation toward the ideal of pure awareness. [Chip Hartranft]


The first sutra of chapter two of The Yoga Sutra starts with a call to action. Kriya actually means action, and here Patajanli wants us to do three things: have some discipline, study our selves, and stay aligned with the divine inside. The sanskrit word for discipline is tapas, which translates literally as heat, hence the name Temperature Rising. However, all three of these concepts make an appearance in this song.

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