Easy Is The New Hard

“Easy Is The New Hard” is from the Destroy It Up EP.


Assassinate your past throw it off the overpass and ignore your future
The present is so much better with you here

Climb down off your crosses cut your ties and cut your losses
If I might be so bold let go of all you hold

All you want and all you lust one day will all just turn to dust
You wasted all this time as a cog on a production line

I don’t mean to judge god knows I’ve spilled some blood
Invading sovereign nations in the name of immoderation

But I’ve shed my skin slithered out to begin again
Modify the mindset leeches on to begin the bloodlet

My heroes said, be the martyr
These days, I just want to be smarter
Raised fists and raised glasses
Turns out we just looked like asses

Slow down don’t get faster
And cheer up you sad bastard
Hardly any reason to suffer
Hiding under bed covers

The past is gone, don’t repent
Search out some detachment
Heartache comes from holding on
Let the universe lead you along

It’s easy
Why do you make it so hard?
It’s easy
You should just follow your heart

Is life that hard? I’m not so sure
The beat may be dirty, but the song is pure
Yin or yang, cancer, cure
You know you’re in deep when the lines are blurred